Keyhan Kouhkiloui

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher


  • PhD in Informatics


Keyhan Kouhkiloui Babarahmati is a dedicated Senior Research Associate at the Heriot-Watt University and Visiting Researcher at the University of Edinburgh, specializing in robotics and control systems. He earned his PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh in 2021, following an MSc in Robotics from the University of Birmingham in 2015. Currently, Keyhan is engaged at the National Robotarium, where he focuses on pioneering contact-implicit motion generation for loco-manipulation in legged robots. His role involves enhancing loco-manipulation skills in quadruped robots, creating high-quality open-source software, and advancing robotic capabilities. His research leverages model predictive control and reinforcement learning to develop compliant and passive control strategies, ensuring safe and effective human-robot collaboration.

With extensive experience in various robotics projects, including the EU-H2020 Harmony, THING and CogIMon initiatives, Keyhan has contributed to significant advancements in the field. His expertise includes developing robust control algorithms for proximate human-robot interaction and tele-cooperation, utilizing platforms such as KUKA LWR 3 and Franka Emika robots. Keyhan’s commitment to advancing robotics is evident in his involvement in multiple high-impact projects, aiming to improve robots’ adaptability and reliability in dynamic environments. His work is a testament to his goal of making robots more versatile and capable of performing complex tasks in unstructured settings.